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Oops, you got me... My first intention was to create an English environment for the blog part too, but unfortunately, this complicated many things not worth the time afford for the few who come by to read (if any...).

So, what is left, is this Category with English translations of some of the German articles on this supportsite. They can be reached this way or with a dedicated link in the German article. No link right on top of the article means, that there is no English translation provided. As for the "environment" of the blog, this will no translate to English, but then again, this is based on a Wordpress Blog, so you'll figure out how to write a comment anyway.

Nonetheless, the static pages of the support site, which now are not integrated in the Wordpress environment anymore, are provided in English. So the most important information you will be able to understand: where are the OBCZs? And where are the German Meetups?

Anniversary Convention Oxford April 2015 (Update)

24.07.2014: You can now register and book “on-site” accomodations:
Questions will be answered in the bookcrossing Forum.

24.04.2013: One of the procedures at an anniversary convention is to choose the city who will host the next anniversary convention in 2 years. Again, there was only one bid, which has been presented at this year’s convention in Gothenburg by the lovely MissMarkey for her city Oxford in the UK.

As expected, every one agreed to this choice.

And so will, after Melbourne in 2014, again be an anniversary convention in Europe: April 10 – 12, 2015, Oxford, UK

UK UnCon in Leeds: 27-29 Sep 2013 [Update]

21. Mai 2013
Tickets are for sale now: 15 Pounds until end of Mai, 20 Pound from June on.

31. january 2013
There are not that much information known yet, beside the fact that the BookCrossers of Leeds will organize the this years UnConvention of the UK.

They meet at the weekend of 27-29 September 2013. As usual, there will be a dedicated website in the next few weeks. Until then, you can ask your questions at the bookcrossing Forum.


Challenge: Release a book in every country

Target is, to release at least one book in every country of the world (and get a caught as proof). This idea has been brought in 2004 by BC-member charbono: around the world in 233 books.

Besides the jointly challenge (a group of BookCrosser try each year to release at least one book in each country), there exist some “hardliner”, who took this challenge as a life-task. Of course, this cannot be done overnight, therefor we call it a Lifetime-Challenge.

But wait, there’s more!

The Journal Entry Quota

Anonymous Journal Entries

With the Journal Entry Quota I refer to the response given by finders of BookCrossing books. It’s a fact that the books we release are found. Sometimes, they disappear only minutes later, and it rarely happens that a book remains at the release site for longer than a day – unless the release site happens to be in the middle of a forest or in an equally deserted spot.

But even though all those books are picked up, we’ll get a response for merely 10 to 20 percent of all releases. This number is a rough estimate, based on the long-standing experience of active BookCrossers. Since about a year, though, this rate is extremely regressive [german], following the upgrade of in June 2010. We’ll get back to this in a moment.

Therefore, we need to ask the following question: What happens with the books when they are found?

But wait, there’s more!

Biggest bookseller in Germany goes BookCrossing!

Some weeks ago, a German marketing company from Berlin had contacted me for ads on my supportsite as also for laying connections to the BCHQ. They were doing the job for the biggest bookseller in Germany, Thalia. Now, the contact to BCHQ were finally laid at the Anniversary Convention in Washington DC 2 weeks ago, as for the ads on the supportsite, I declined as I don’t want to strike down those visitors who are interested in BookCrossing.

But wait, there’s more!